The leadership at LEADING LLC includes Veronica L. Evans, M.Ed. Veronica started her journey with books when her father and mother purchased encyclopedia sets during the summer from local educators going door to door. Those collection of books helped the Lovett family “lead” in the community with books when there was no public library within 30 miles. Those encyclopedia sets supported the education of 9 children plus the education of many neighbors and friends.  Veronica’s father, being a builder, built beautiful bookshelves to display the encyclopedias – making them visible at all times for “consumption.”

The joy of having access to knowledge and sharing it with others set the foundation for LEADING LLC.  Veronica went on to earn her masters in education and has dedicated over 23 years to post-secondary, secondary and elementary education through leadership, teaching and providing books. Her experience also includes 13 years with Delaney Educational. Being the first representative in the state of Georgia, she grew through example and leadership a team that exceeded a $1 million dollars in Georgia annually. Veronica went on to become the first national sales director after the retirement of Tom Delaney. Her experience and passion continues to be demonstrated through every book/eBook and digital solution sold.


LEADING LLC is composed of a team of educational sales consultants who partners with distributors, publishers, and authors to provide
the right books, at the right time, for the right students and teachers, with the right services at a competitive price point.
We are committed to provide you and your staff with the high level of knowledge, professionalism, and service.


LEADING LLC’s partnership with major distributors and publishers such as Baker and Taylor, Inc, Turtleback books, and Mitchell-Lane allows for access to any book/ eBooks available on the market at the most competitive price.


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